350ml Bowl

Description350ml Bowl
Percent pack(pcs)8x125=1000
Carton Size(CBM)46x31x32

 Who we are? 


       Founded on Aug 8th, 2008, Zhejiang     Kingsun Eco-  pack Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer in China  which  specializes in disposable biodegradable paper  tableware,  including dishware, bowl, square plate and  various trays  used in supermarkets. Currently we have 12  production l ines with an annual output of 16 thousand ton  of disposable paper tableware, and in 2018, our new  workshop will go into production and triple its production  capacity.The products we OEM for customers are  approved by BPI, OK COMPOST. In ethical sourcing audit,  we have SMETA report, and we have certificates of BRC,    NSF, ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISD28000.


Why choose us?


     Our products are manufactured by pulp mould with natural plants material, namely sugarcane, bamboo, couch grass, wheat straw, and so on and pollution-free spring. Through scientific and technological processing, and added food-grade water resistant and oil resistant. The paper pulp-molding and environment-friendly tableware has the following characteristics:

  • 100% biodegradable sugar cane pulp, hygienic and green.

  • Approved by FDA and SGS system.

  • Resistant to 120 degree Celsius oil and 95 degree Celsius water without leaking or deformation.

  • Biodegrades in three months, no pollution and friendly to eco-system.

  • Available for microwave oven and frigde.

  • OEM service offered.


    Furthermore, you will gradually realize that compared with our competitor, we offer even competitive price. We analyzed each working procedures carefully, avoiding to unreasonable and wasteful procedures, all these ensure our competitive pricing.

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